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Midwest Book Review

What they say is never what they mean - "Every Man Sees You Naked" is a satirical dating handbook taking the view that men are sex crazed pigs and placing it obviously without any regard to subtlety and political correctness. Although satirical, the truth sits alongside it to a degree, mixing the humor and advice aspect throughout, leaving no topic of common relationship problems and how a little bluntness can solve them uncovered. "Every Man Sees You Naked" could do well to find itself on either dating or humor shelves alike, and is highly recommended to fans of both.

Cherrell Ward, New Book Reviews
Every Man Sees You Naked had me in stitches many times.  Matthews points out some interesting views about what makes men happy.  From a woman's perspective, I found it hard to believe that men were that simple.  However, when I asked my husband if men were that basic, he said, "Yes, that's right."  So, girls - read the book, learn about the three "F's" and see how to understand your man in a whole new light.  By getting down to the basic priorities that seem to drive all men.

I came away from Every Man Sees You Naked with a totally new perspective.  Can it really be this simple?  Apparently it can!  Entertaining, funny and informative, what more could you ask for!

Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

As soon as I got my hands on “Every Man Sees You Naked” my world stopped. I put everything down to focus on this book. It was definitely well worth my time. David M. Matthews really tells it like it is. He takes us into the minds of men. I learned a lot. Rather than saying that men’s minds are simpler, I will be nice and say that they are less complex than I thought. Matthews says that he got the idea for this book from the many conversations that he has had with women. He writes with humor, which helps soften the blow of his brutal honesty. I was very impressed with his ability to understand the minds of women. The way that he explains how men’s minds work as compared to women’s showed me that he has a good understanding of how we think. 

Even if I was in the perfect relationship (relationship, what relationship?), I would still love reading this book to gain more insight into my partner. The humor that Matthews infuses into his writing also makes it a very fun book to read. He doesn’t hold back with his words, so the reader should be prepared for some graphic details. In addition to gaining insight into how a man thinks or doesn’t think, he also offers some great advice on techniques for spicing up the relationship. This is definitely excellent reading material for someone who wants to make positive changes in her relationship. 

 Matthews answered some rhetorical questions that I had in my mind in regards to issues in previous relationships. One was, “Why would a man want to be intimate with me, if he doesn’t treat me with respect?” Well, I learned, in a man’s mind, respect doesn’t play into sex issues. They don’t need to have respect for a woman to have fun with her. I also gained some insight into men and women just being friends. In my own life, I have noticed that there are guys that say that they are okay with just being friends, but then they get all bent out of shape when I start a relationship with someone other then them, or if the friendship doesn’t extend into the friends-with-privileges level. Matthews taught me that guys really don’t want to just be friends with women. They always want more. I will definitely keep this in mind for future friends!

 “Every Man Sees You Naked,” is a must read for all women. It should be required reading in high school. Actually not high school, because then the moral majority would have to hold book burnings, but definitely for college. Every woman needs to read this book. If she can read it before she gets into her first relationship, she will have a much easier time. But it’s never too late, at least not for a divorced, almost-middle-aged woman like myself. Mr. Matthews please keep writing. 




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Carine Nadel,
I’ve always wondered:  What makes a man behave the way he does?  What goes through a man’s mind?  Do all men think the same way?

Yes, I know-Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (or vice versa).  But really, what are they thinking?  

I’ve often wondered-why does a man think burping loud and long is somehow a mating call?  Do they all think that when we roll our eyes to the back of our head after they’ve done such a ghastly sound, that we’re thinking “ooohhh, baby, come to mamma”???

I’ve asked my husband.  He says he doesn’t know-I bet he does, but after 27 years, he still wants to keep parts of his existence as a surprise to me.

David Matthews did something his “brothers” wouldn’t / couldn’t do-he wrote a book about it.  Who is David Matthews, other than being a man?  He’s an Emmy award winning composer/writer/producer of several shows-the Young and the Restless, The Nanny and Half and Half.  

No this doesn’t make him an expert-just as I am not an expert on what makes a woman behave and think the way we do, just because I’m a woman. After all, I’m sure there must be some woman out there who does think “belching” is a turn-on and who am I to say she shouldn’t?  But the book is written with a good deal of insight and humor.

He tries to explain the myths about his sex and answers questions that, if we haven’t, we’ve all been dying to ask!  

Some of the things that Matthews reveals is:  Why does a guy ask you out?  What men like and what they hate.  Is there something a man looks for in a woman?  (In my mind, it better not be a mother!)  Want to know what a man wants when you and he are “under the sheets”?  David tackles this dilemma head on and in detail.  While I’m sure many women will applaud and thank him for his candor-I could have done with just a brief overview, but that’s me.  Also, he’s a man-from what I’ve discerned, men like things in graphic detail.

This is a book  written for a woman by a man.  I’m not sure if it started out as an  exercise in trying to communicate better with the women in his life (he does dedicate it to his wife) or if it was written to truly help out women all over the world understand the men in their lives.  That would best be decided by you after you’ve stopped reading my review and have read the book for yourself.  

Matthews does accomplish what he says the book is meant to do-honestly tell you how a man thinks, according to a man.  We may not like the answers, but with this short book “Every Man Sees You Naked”, at least we have a version of the truth.