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TV Producer Exposes Men’s Dirty Little Secrets

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David M. Matthews, Author of Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insiders Guide to How Men Think

After years as a relationship advice guru,
Emmy Award-winning composer and TV writer/producer, David M. Matthews realized that women needed help unraveling the confusing behavior of their male significant-others. Since writing “EveryMan Sees You Naked: An Insider’s Guide to How Men Think,” Matthews has appeared on radio and TV shows across the US.

50 percent of marriages end in divorce
Women frequently complain that they don’t understand men. And there’s good reason forthat. Men and women perceive things differently and, in fact, often speak completely different languages (though neither of them may recognize this is the case). This breakdown in communication leads to resentment, hurt feelings, and often, the break-up of the relationship. In a country where one in two marriages ends in divorce, this is a serious problem. Thus, giving women simple, frank, straightforward information on decoding men’s words and behaviors, takes on even greater significance.

Singles now outnumber couples
Today, for the first time in modern history, there are more single adults than married ones. Gone are the days when people could be complacent about their relationships because they were ‘til death do us part.’ Now more than ever, keeping a relationship harmonious is imperative to its success.
  The Author of "Every Man Sees You Naked"
Tells Your Audience...
  • The truth about why men ask women out
  • 3 ways to ‘divorce-proof ‘ your marriage
  • How to know when a guy is lying
  • How to understand ‘Man-Speak’
  • The 4 biggest myths about men
  • Men’s top 3 ‘dirty little secrets’
  • The 5 words that reduce any guy to Jello
  • Why men cheat
  • Who ‘man’s best friend’ really is
  • Why almost everything women believe to
    be true about men…isn’t
21,000 marriage and family therapists in the US
Relationship counseling is big business in this country. But why put yourself through the time, hassle and expense of therapy, if you don’t have to? Instead of waiting for problems to arise due to misunderstanding and gender differences, wouldn’t it be better to just have a working knowledge of what makes your partner tick?

Understanding the opposite sex gives one the tools to be a part of a happy, ongoing relationship. And knowing how ‘the other half’ thinks gives one an edge in the competition for the attention of the opposite sex.