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Reviews from Amazon Customers
5 Stars from "Willow"

It's about time! It's about time there's an inside look on what goes on "behind the scenes" in the male mind! I sat down to read this book and I was finished in one's THAT's THAT funny...I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get an insight into the very straight forward male brain! No more wondering about what he's thinking...GET THIS BOOK!

5 Stars from T. Welch (Phoenix, AZ USA)

A Must for Every Woman. All my friends were going on and on about this book, so I had to find out what the big deal was. Wow. I started reading and finished the book in one sitting. That's how riveting it was. I thought I knew a lot about men, but this was like a revelation. And it's written in such a humorous manner, even the really scandalous secrets about men are easier to accept. I love this book!

5 Stars from Sue Leigh (Los Angeles, CA)

Spot On! Where was this book in my 20's!!!!! It would of saved me from so much wasted time and effort had I had this knowledge! I've been married now for a decade and I still found this book to be full of information and wit about men. I have a better understanding of my husband now and had so much fun reading this!

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At last the Truth can be told

You won't know what your guy is hiding until you read this outrageously honest exposé written by Hollywood veteran, David M. Matthews.  Prepare to be startled and amused as he takes you on a journey through the seamy underbelly of the male mind.

Learn the following and more...

·         The disconcerting truth about why guys ask you out

·         The surprising things men like, and what they really hate

·         What men truly look for in a woman

·         What guys secretly want in bed

·         Why men cheat

·         How to know when a guy is lying

·         The “dirty little secrets” the men in your life are keeping

·         The 4 biggest myths about men

·         How to understand “Man-Speak”

·         What motivates guys to behave in the odd way they do

·         Who “man’s best friend” really is

·         Why almost everything you believe to be true about men…isn't 

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