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David M. Matthews' career in Hollywood has been varied, to say the least.  He served as Musical Director for 3 years on the CBS soap, "The Young and the Restless," for which he won an Emmy for Outstanding Musical Direction & Composition.  During his tenure at "Y&R," he also executive produced a popular album containing performances by several of the show's stars, distributed by Nuance-MCA Records. 

He then moved on to sitcom writing, where he penned scripts for "The Nanny" and "Living Single," as well as staff writing and producing gigs on "For Your Love" and "Half & Half." 

Subsequently he successfully teamed with filmmaker, Michael Bayouth, on the screenplays for "A Howl In One" and "Kidnight," and helped produce the  soon-to-be released documentary, "A Musical Journey To Freedom."  He has continued to write music for TV and film, composing the underscore  and main title music for "Valhalla," "The Last Frontier," "Western Avenue" and "Wave Babes," to name a few.

David, an Ohio native, now resides in a Los Angeles suburb with his wife, Carla.  He recently wrote and produced an episodic mockumentary, "When Actors Need Money," for Strike TV, and is in post-production on a reality show spoof, "How We Think They Did It."  He also to writes an advice column for Fabulously40.com and just finished post-production on "N-Secure," a feature-length motion picture he directed. 

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David M. Matthews, Author of Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insiders Guide to How Men Think

His first book Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insiders Guide to How Men Think,
was inspired by a lifetime as the 
"relationship advice guru" for friends, relatives and co-workers. Dedicated to his wife Carla, the book was published by Wheatmark on April 15, 2008.
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Quote from the Author “As long as I can remember, female friends, relatives and even strangers I met in line at Target, have solicited my advice on relationship matters,” explained David, a seasoned writer, but first-time author.  “More often than not, these women were utterly baffled by how men behaved.  Thus I found myself regularly giving impromptu tutorials on ‘how men think’ and ‘why they act the way they do.’  And when I ventured into the ‘entertainment biz,’ I found the women in this field were similarly frustrated in their dealings with their male significant-others.  Regardless of their accomplishments or celebrity status, men remained a puzzling enigma to these women.  It was as a result of this universal angst (and a little prodding from my wife) that I decided to set the record straight by writing a book.  Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider’s Guide to How Men Think is the perfect gift for any woman who is either currently in a relationship, or plans on being in one in the future.”